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NUMS Entry Test series starts in 2012 and recently 9th NUMS Test held in 2020. A complete series of NUMS Past papers here with answer keys that are best for preparation. You can download NUMS Past Paper 2020 PDF file for practice. You can download the NUMS paper 2012-2020 PDF file from this page.

Scroll down to download the PDF file of All 9 NUMS Past Papers (with Answer key from 2012 to 2020).

If you want to appear in the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test or National MDCAT Entry Test you must have to solve these NUMS past papers to get a clear idea about NUMS Past papers pattern. As NUMS Entry Test 2021 will also conduct according to NUMS Syllabus 2021.

Why NUMS past papers are important to solve?

perfection needs practice. You all know that practice makes a man perfect. In NUMS Entry Test mostly students fail to manage time and miss their chance to get admission to MBBS/BDS program. There are several reasons behind this as Time management issue, NUMS paper pattern issue, MCQs Understanding Issues. Students have to make a strategy to solve NUMS Paper within the given time.

To Solve NUMS Paper 100%, A candidate must have to practice for this. They can practice by solving NUMS past papers and also NUMS sample papers specially designed as per NUMS syllabus 2021. As much a candidate practice for NUMS Test will do batter in NUMS entry test 2021.MDCAT Past Papers Solved

NUMS Entry Test 2020 Toppers recommend solving NUMS paper to get a clear image of the NUMS paper pattern and practice to improve your test solving skills. NUMS MDCAT Past papers are important to solve for Entry Test practice.

Download Now:- NUMS MDCAT Roll No Slip 2021

Download NUMS Past Papers In PDF Format

NUMS Test Series from 2012 to 2020 with a complete answer key is available to download in PDF. You can also solve NUMS Past papers online now at our Online platform of MDCATGUIDE.COM.PK. NUMS Entry Test 2021 schedule to held in November or December. Registration may start on 28-August-2021. Here are the lists of All NUMS papers including Past Paper 2020 with answer key. click on NUMS Past Papers which one you want to download.

Here is the complete list of NUMS Papers from 2012-2020 in PDF format. Students can get NUMS MDCAT Past Papers (2012-2020 yearly or Subject Wise of their own choice).

  • Download NUMS Past Papers PDF (2012-2018)
  • NUMS Paper 2019 (Download PDF file)
  • Download NUMS Entry Test past paper 2020

Also, download MDCAT Past Papers (2008-2020)

NUMS Subject Wise Past Papers 2012-2020 (Download PDF)

Past Papers are very helpful for the Preparation of the NUMS Entry Test. All educational experts suggest their students check and practice the past papers of NUMS to crack the test with high grades. Students should have to download NUMS Past Papers Subject Wise. Get NUMS Past Papers For NUMS Test 2021 practice subject-wise & unit-wise according to NUMS Syllabus.

Here is the list of  NUMS Subject wise past papers which are also added in Our NUMS past papers booklet 2021. Limited copies just for shining students of Our online NUMS Test Preparation Platform

  • NUMS Chemistry Past Papers (2012-2020)
  • Download NUMS Biology Past Papers Till 2020
  • NUMS Physics Past Papers Download PDF (2012 to 2020)
  • Download NUMS English Papers (2012-2020)

NUMS Past Papers are also important for PMC National MDCAT Test. As National MDCTA Syllabus 2021 is the same as NUMS Syllabus.

NUMS Chemistry Past Papers (Download Now)

As chemistry portion of the NUMS Entry test contains 60 MCQs. In the previous NUMS Test, all 60 MCQs from Chemistry are as per NUMS Syllabus 2020. If you want to prepare a subject-wise here you get a subject-wise PDF file to download free of cost.

Students who want a strong grip over chemistry must have to solve these NUMS Chemistry Past Papers. Students can solve these past papers and recheck them with an answer key. You just need to Download NUMS Chemistry past papers and Answer key files in PDF format.

  • Download Chemistry Past papers 
  • NUMS Chemistry Answer Key

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Biology Past Papers of NUMS from 2021 to 2020

NUMS Biology portion is most important as most of the syllabus portion consists of NUMS Biology MCQs. 80 MCQs are from the Biology portion which is 40% of the NUMS Test. Toppers of NUMS entry test 2020 recommend practicing more for the Biology portion. They also practice these Past papers to get a clear image of NUMS Biology MCQs pattern.

You can Now Download NUMS Biology Past Papers in PDF format with highlighted repeated MCQs which are important to solve. You can also order a NUMS Past Papers Booklet 2021 (Including All NUMS Papers from 2012 to 2020 subject wise solved)

Click Here To Download NUMS Biology Past Papers (2012-2020)

NUMS Physics Past Papers from 2012 t0 2022

Physics MCQs 0f all NUMS Physics Past papers s(chapter-wise solved) are helpful for preparation. You can Download NUMS Physics Pas Papers from our Student Help FormAll students can get NUMS MDCAT Physics Past Papers and NUMS Physics Sample papers.

  • Download Physics Past Papers of NUMS MDCAT Test 2012-2020
  • NUMS Physics Sample Papers for practice (Physics Paper pattern)

You can also download MDCAT Paper 2020. Sample of PDF file is given bellow MDCAT Past Paper 2020.

National MDCAT Paper 2020

Useful Link:

National MDCAT Online Registration

Army Nursing Registration 2021

AKU Entry Test 2021

NUMS MDCAT English Past Papers Till 2020

English portion of the NUMS Entry Test is short as compared to all other three subjects as it’s only 10% (20 MCQs) of the NUMS Test. Most of the MCQs are repeated from NUMS English Past Papers. Students can download NUMS English Past Papers for practice. 180 English MCQs from past papers are here to download for preparation. Candidate can Download PDF files of these files

  • Download NUMS MDCAT English Past Papers
  • English Sample Papers for NUMS MDCAT Test

NUMS Past Paper 2020 With Answer Key

Here is the Previous year’s Conducted NUMS Past Paper 2020. A lot of students looking for NUMS MDCAT 2020 Past paper to check the NUMS Paper pattern. Most students want to download PDF copies of NUMS Entry Test 2020 Past Papers. Here you can download the NUMS-2020 Past paper with answers and explanations.

MDCAT GUIDE team assembled NUMS Past paper 2020 for you. We provide our best materials for MDCAT students in both NUMS MDCAT and NATIONAL MDCAT. NUMS MDCAT Paper 2020 not just contain MCQs but also answer key. You need not search for the right answers. Download NUMS past paper 2020 PDF file from the given below button.

MDCAT Past Paper 2020 PDF View

NUMS MDCAT Past paper 2020

NUMS Booklet 2021 (NUMS Past Papers 2012-2020 Subject Wise)

MDCAT Guide Team is working on NUMS Past Paper Series which started in 2012 and the last year in 2020 9th successful NUMS Test was conducted. Our Team compiled a special product NUMS Past paper Booklet (Edition 2021) specially designed for practice to judge your preparation. Candidates can solve NUMS Past papers to calculate their preparation percentage. Some NUMS Entry Test Sample papers also added for practice.

How to Download NUMS Booklet 2021?

NUMS Booklet 2021 is only available in Book format and PDF file sharing strictly banned because of Copy Rights issues. As NUMS Official didn’t launch any product to share except the NUMS Sample paper and Syllabus. Book compiled by We do our best to provide authentic research material related to NUMS MDCAT and also for NATIONAL MDCAT. Our research team collects all previous NUMS Past papers from different sites and arranges them into a book format for a better experience.

How To Download NUMS Question paper 2020?

To download NUMS Question Paper 2020 click on given above download button in the section of NUMS Question Paper 2020. Students can download NUMS paper 2020 with an answer key. Mostly MCQ’s right answer is highlighted or represents with a Bold letter. Students can cross-verify red-circled MCQs given at the end of NUMS Question paper 2020. Red circled MCQ’s right answer may differ from the official NUMS answer key 2020.

How To Solve NUMS Paper within Given Time?

perfection needs practice. as practice makes a man perfect. To solve NUMS Paper within a time period students can practice by solving NUMS past papers or by solving NUMS practice papers which are specially designed to manage time. Students can start Past papers according to time and after completion of the NUMS Past Paper. Check the result to judge your preparation.

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