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AMC Book for Army Medical Cadet Test preparation. Get admission in Army Medical College for MBBS/BDDS programs.

Candidates can prepare Verbal and nonverbal intelligence tests from this book to attempt 10 MCQs which will be the part of Logical Reasoning Test (As per PMC syllabus 2021).

AMC Test Syllabus 2021

Army Medical Cadet Test syllabus is as follows.

  • Intelligence Test (Verbal)
  • Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal)
  • Academic Test

AMC Book Features

Inside Book

  • Verbal
  • Non-Verbal
  • Academic
  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Interviews
  • Final Selection
  • Joining

Detailed Joining Procedure and Army Initial Test Guide with Practice MCQs. Complete Guide for MC Admissions and AMC Test



Read before the order placement of AMC Book. Army Medical College is a subsidiary of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) located in Rawalpindi.  Army Medical College is one of the best institutions in Pakistan. According to Ranking so far, Army Medical College is one of the top 185 universities in Asia.

There are five different procedures for admission to army medical college. And so the method that the cadet follows is called the cadet of the same category.

  1. Medical Cadet MC
  2. NUMS Cadet (NC)
  3. Nastian Cadet (NC)P
  4. Nest Foreign Cadet (NFC)
  5. Paying Cadet (PC)
  6. Additional Selected Cadet (ASC)

The first two of these categories are most important.

NUST Foreign Cadet: These selected cadets are those who have NUST citizenship in a country other than Pakistan. They are usually “15”.

Paying Cadet: These are cadets from NUST whose parents have served the Army or present service. The number of seats is 20-30.

Additional Selected Cadet: These are cadets whose parents or siblings have either performed significantly or were martyred, they get these seats from the Army Chief. They also number up to 15-25.

Introduction to Army Medical College

Army Medical Cadet:

First of all, Let me explain some of the benefits of a medical cadet.

  • To serve the country and the nation authentically.
  • No Education expenses and hostel expenses.
  • MBBS from the most organized and good institution in the country.
  • Starting your job with education as well as a handsome salary package.
  • On completing the MBBS/BDS degree you will be selected as a captain doctor.

Procedures and qualifications for Medical Cadet Admission

  • Age: Between 17 and 21 years
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Nationality: Pakistanis and those who have the duality of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Physical Ability: Height 5.4(162.5cm)
  • Weight: as per BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Education: FSC with at least 70% (60% on as per areas/situations)
  • Admission time: Every year its registration starts in May and ends in July. Similarly, a written test takes place in July. (Now Due to COVID-19 Registration and Test Schedule may be changed)

For detailed procedure get AMC Book and start preparation for Army medical College Test.

The Test for Medical Cadet MC takes place only once a year. And its registration usually starts at the end of April/May. There is a website for this all procedures are mentioned on it and registration can also be done through the same website. All students who have more than 60% marks in FSc (pre-Medical) are eligible to join. (In other words, the minimum numbers are 60%). Qualification Details are available in AMC Book 2021.

Students who have not yet received the result but have appeared for the second year exam can register by making Hope Certificate from their college. After registration, you are given a registration slip which must be with you on the test days.

Test date and Time are mentioned on the registration slip. (Test Date & Time will be updated within 7 working days)

Army Medical Cadet Test Patten

Written/Intelligence Test: This is the first test to relate only to your intelligence. This test takes place on the computer for which you have to go to the nearest Army Selection & Recruitment Center i.e. AS &RC your city where you will have this test.

AMC Book With Test Syllabus

  • Verbal Test (Intelligence Test)
  • Non-Verbal Test (Intelligence Test)
  • FSc Course Test (Academic

The duration of the first two tests is 60 minutes i.e. 30 minutes + 30 minutes for each.

In the meantime, you have to answer about 93 questions of the Verbal Intelligence Test and about 96 questions of the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test. These questions are MCQ’s type. You have to choose the best answer from the given options. 1000+ MCQs given in this AMC Book for Practice.

In these tests, they want to check how quickly you understand one thing. These questions are very simple. But since you are going to go through these tests and join the Army as a Commissioned Officer. So sometimes students get upset and are not able to take the test properly.

Remember, this is the first test to reach the destination, so trust yourself and pass it well by using your intellect in the best possible way by taking the name of Allah. It is not a difficult task. Now let us put few questions of this test to you as an example which will give you an idea of the nature of this Test.

Q. Which one is the middle letter in alphabetical order of word Letter?

Now, if we look at the question that the middle letter will definitely be “T” but at the same time Alphabetical order tells us that we have to remove the Alphabetical middle of these letters, (eeLrtt) it will only be “L”. The purpose of clarifying this example is to keep your mind present and that is the fall of success in the test. Just like that, another example

Q. The price of a book is 100 Rupees. Due to some reason, the shopkeeper made a reduction of 20% in its price. How many % shopkeepers have to increase in its current price to make it again 100?

  1. 20%
  2. 25%
  3. 50%
  4. 100%

AMC Book consists of these types of MCQs for practice. Get this book for 100% preparation.

As soon as you read the question, they often say that since the price was 20% lower, increasing it by 20% will again yield the same amount, but they do not think that 20% of Rs. 100 is Rs. 20. Thus, the price of this book has gone up to Rs. 80, but now to increase its price from 80 to 100 again, you have to increase Rs. 20 which is 25% of 80. (i.e 80*25/100)

All these things do not require joining an academy, but the simplest way can be understood by solving questions from an Aptitude test book or any Intelligence Test Book.

The last step of the Initial Test is from the FSc course test (academic Test), students have to answer 50 MCQs in 40 minutes which can be easily solved.

Army Physical Test For Medical Cadet

This is the second test. The most important thing for the Army is for any cadet to be physically fit. So it is also mandatory to pass this test. Remember that all this process consists of knockout, that is, the one who passes will go ahead. All these things are easy just you have to be confident. The test has the following tasks:

  • 1mile (1.6 km) in 8:30 minutes
  • 4 chin-ups in 2 minutes 32.
  • 15 Push-ups in 2 minutes
  • Ditch crossing
  • 15 sit-up

Those who pass all of them will qualify for the medical test.

Army Medical Test For Medical Cadet

Three things are particularly important in medical tests. Height, Weight, and Eyesight.

  • Height should not be less than five feet four inches.
  • Weight should be as per BMI value.
  • 6/6 Eyesight, then maximum up to 3 marks.

Further Selection Procedure

All Candidates who pass the medical test are given Biodata forms. In which answers to all the questions asked have to be written and submitted back. All these biodata Forms are sent to Rawalpindi G.H.Q.

Call letters are sent to Best Profile Candidates for interview. All Initially selected candidates are interviewed. The interview level is from the FSc course as well as general knowledge, Hobbies Interests, and can consist of any Current Affairs related questions.

The letter for the interview does not come to everyone. Similarly, only those who do well are selected after the interview. I have already mentioned that the whole test consists of a knock-out System. Just before the interview, there is a test called Personality Test. A personality test is to judge your personality.

Personality Test

  • Incomplete Sentences: which is 26 in number and have to be completed in 6 minutes. Similarly, another paper comes on which 26 Sentences have to be completed in 6 minutes.
  • World association Test: Then there are 75 Words on which Candidates have to make sentences. They are extremely easy words. For example, lazy, flower, careful, patients, obedient, false, tree, love, money, etc. But actually, every word is shown just for 10 seconds.
  • Image Story Writing Test: A blurred picture will appear on screen for 30 seconds and then be given 4 minutes in which you have to write a story on it.
  • Story Completion Test: Incomplete Sentence on which the story has to be completed or used in the story. This will also happen twice.

Toppers Recommended Army Medica Colege Test Preparation Book ( AMC Book) is best for all AMC Tests.

Final Medical Test

Those who succeed in the interview will be sent for a full check-up (CMH). This check-up is completed in a week. The medical report is sent to GHQ and a slip is given to the candidate. Merit List is formed in about mid-October (Expected different for each year). In which Selection Letter is sent to the selected candidates.

In Army Medical College Admissions, 100 medical cadets are selected for MBBS and BDS. Only boys are selected in these seats. Similarly, students who are not selected as Army Medical Cadets come to this college as NUMS Cadets by taking NUMS Entry Test and are later given the choice that they can do so if they want to join Army after BMMS/BDS. Similarly, boys and girls can join the Army from NUMS Cadet Course. While the same offers are offered to NFC, PC, and ASC.

Our purpose in writing this article is to educate the students about it and provide maximum guidance. At the same time, nowadays, while getting a job is a difficult task for us. You are in the government service from 1st day of the study period by getting a commission rank along with education. May Allah continue to improve our future in every respect. Ameen!

AMC Book Features

Inside AMC Book:

  • Verbal Test
  • Non-Verbal Test
  • Academic Test
  • Interviews Guide
  • Physical and Medical Test Guide
  • Complete Joining procedure

AMC Book is a complete solution for the Army Initial test. Practice MCQs of AMC Book is also important for the Logical Reasoning Test. According to PMC Syllabus 202110 MCQs of Logical Reasoning will be part of PMC MDCAT Entry Test 2021.

Get Army Medical College Test Preparation Book for Complete Preparation of AMC Test.


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